"Spread love everywhere you go. let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." - MOther teresa

Hi, my name is Paolina. I am a fashion photographer for both children and women. I live in Anchorage Alaska with my twin toddler boys and husband.

Photography is the medium I choose to tell stories. I love capturing authentic moments in nature and natural light. Through my photography I hope to remind others of the magic that happens in ordinary moments. The beauty that life has to offer in the simplest of moments when adventuring in nature.

I love to work with brands that offer clothing that is functional for everyday life. Clothing that is neutral and natural and compliments nature seamlessly. Brands that add to the beauty that nature already has to offer.

Most importantly, I want to inspire others to witness the magic that lies in childhood. How beautiful life with children can be and how much they have to teach us. Simply stated - I want to share the beauty and magic of life exactly as I witness it.

all about paolina + her photography 

Behind the Lens

My favorite element of photography is capturing the dance that is intertwined between light, nature, and people. Light to me is magical and plays the greatest role in telling a story and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The dance between light, nature & people

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